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Being a theme show of the China International Industry Fair (CIIF), the Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment  Show 2011 (EPTES2011) is an international platform which  focuses on the environmental protection technologies and equipments such as water treatment, energy-saving, fume purification, circulated economy and waste disposal. 


China announced its emission reduction schedule to the world on November 25, 2009, which fights against the climate warming and promises to achieve the purpose of reducing the carbon emission 40-45% in 2020 compared with 2005. If reckon in this way, there’s the request of added investment of 30 billion U.S dollars in the coming 10 years. Through the green, energy saving, environmental protection and extra simple and effective techniques, to perform the control for the consumption of energy and water, indoor air quality and the use of renewable materials, etc. It will also develop and promote advanced and applicable technologies of conservation, substitution, recycling and pollution control by increasing the investment in energy-saving and environmental protection.


From Nov 1th to Nov 5th 2011, EPTES 2011 will  follow  the
theme of circulated economy and energy saving, integrate with different  industrial economy and environmental benefit,  promoting energy saving,  enhancing  comprehensive  and  circulate  application  of  resource,  improving  renewable  resource  system, improving  industrial pollution prevention and cure, using economic methods  to  improve  the marketlization process of pollution prevention and cure. CIIF provides a communication and cooperation stage for environment industry.

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